We define brands
for the future.

The only certainty in business is uncertainty. And, while organisations today have accepted this as fact, the pace of change remains their single greatest challenge.

At Uniform, we help you embrace change by connecting the dots between human behaviour, creativity and technology.

How we can help you

Diagnose the problems that hold you back.

Working with your leadership team, we diagnose your current challenges and recommend the vital changes needed within your business to enable growth. By taking a step back, we can help you make the right strategic step forward.


Accelerate the ideas that will transform your business.

This is a fast-paced approach to design that allows you to extend your skills by tapping into ours. Using a sprint methodology, we focus on accelerating change by realising the ideas that are going to transform your business.


Create amazing customer experiences.

We take time to understand your customer needs and bring them to life in relevant, solution focused, and differentiated ways. Whether digital or physical, aspirational or functional, we help build your brand by creating disruptive and exciting customer experiences that help you stand out in an ever-changing market.


Selected clients

University of Cumbria
Bleacher Report
Knight Dragon