Time for change

Our habits and routines take us from one day to the next, and often, we are so busy that we don’t notice change happening around us, or have the time to assess it. With over two months of research at our backs, and before we start the journey into the post-pandemic new normal, we at Uniform think that time must be now.

COVID-19 has affected us all in vastly different ways. We’re shopping differently. It’s changed what we buy (have you used all that toilet roll yet?) and it’s changed where we buy it from. We’re interacting with our friends and families differently. We’re working differently - in our front rooms, kitchens, or maybe if we’re lucky, our gardens. Some of us have never been busier. Some of us have been left with so much time on our hands we don’t know what to do with it. But if COVID-19 has had one effect on everyone’s life, it’s interrupted it. Life is not like it was before. 

And it’s no different for brands.

All those things that consumers do differently, mean that they interact with brands differently. Shopping differently means selling differently. A rise in screen time at home means more active media consumption. Changes in consumer behaviour affect relationships with brands. And at the moment, nothing is quite the same as it was. Surely I can’t be the only one binge-watching Friends and trying to perfect my sourdough? My Instagram feed, along with a good few surveys and studies, reassures me that I’m not alone. While we may not all be experiencing the pandemic in the same way, the way we’re responding is more similar than it is different. Shifts are happening. Brands must consider this.

But not only is the pandemic forcing change, it’s giving brands the time to do it. An interruption, a pause, a break in the system; it’s that time we needed. It’s easy to imagine that COVID-19 has presented a challenge for everyone, but that’s not true. For some, it’s had many benefits. For everyone, it’s an opportunity. An opportunity for re-evaluation. For re-imagination. To throw out the old and usher in the new. To stay relevant in a new normal.

For everyone, it’s time for change.

We’ve explored these shifts, and what they mean for brands, in more detail in our report ‘Time For Change’.