By Leonardo Amico , Jon Formento and Timea Balo

A generative artwork tuned to global events feelings.

Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. If we want to create impact in the world around us, we need to listen to all the things it has to say: good and bad.

In celebration of this attitude, we created a generative piece of artwork that changes colour and shape in reaction to the sentiment of news articles from around the world.

The algorithm uses AI service Watson. Articles collected under the tag “global news” are analysed by the service, returning a sentiment score that controls the behaviour of the metaballs. In the case of positive values, for good news, the metaballs merge together; while in the case of negative stories, they separate.

The homepage won’t look this way for much longer though. This space is open to the wider creative team at Uniform - graphic designers, illustrators, coders, CG artists, and more - so be prepared for something amazing!

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