Oscar-winning global software company, Chaos has reinvented how photoreal imagery and animation is created for design, television, and feature films – giving creatives the tools they need to build ground-breaking, immersive worlds.

Supporting the global creative community with a compelling master brand and product ecosystem.

Chaos’ problem: equity had long been tied to individual products, not to their brand. They needed a stronger core identity. Something to seamlessly connect their ecosystem of products, and let the whole outlive the parts.

Chaos empowers, both technically and creatively: serving the art of visualisation; finding new ways for artists to push the boundaries; sustaining a community for those artists; and building tools to make the impossible possible.

Bringing this comprehensive offer together with the positioning line ‘create your world’ enabled us to shape a clear brand architecture, strategic direction and new, colourful visual identity – one that differentiates Chaos in a crowded sector.

The result is a clear customer understanding of the Chaos brand, their product ecosystem, and a strong platform for growth that will make Chaos known not just for individual tools, but for their mission – empowering, celebrating and inspiring 3D artists.

Going in we knew that Uniform would be the perfect creative partner for Chaos. Their unique brand and visualization experience let us hit the ground running. Throughout the entire process, they were an amazing group to work with. We couldn’t be happier, and I think the results speak for themselves.
Lons Grohs