Own it. Encona it.

Bringing authentic Caribbean flavours to our cooking since the 70s, Encona are the UK’s number one hot sauce and a global flavour phenomenon.

Creating a fresh verbal and visual identity for a new generation of fearlessly original cooks.

Established for over 40 years and with a loyal customer base, the UK’s number one hot sauce needed new ways to show their relevance – combining shelf stand-out with a clear, unique story to improve recall with a younger audience.

Research showed consumers want ‘safe adventure.’ With their authentic provenance, real flavour and heat to please all tastes, Encona offers that adventure – giving home cooks a way to be ‘fearlessly original’.

A new, clear proposition – ‘Own it. Encona it’ – a new voice and identity mean Encona shows itself to be more than just another condiment, but an enabler of experimentation. A sauce of inspiration. One that invites fun, originality and adventure.

Encona have launched the new brand across all existing products and channels – and are now connecting to whole different audiences as the brand supports new product development and roll out.