Together for better

The corporate brand for a group of well-respected companies worth nearly £1billion – Ideal Standard International created the modern designer bath and washroom.

Collaborating on a global shift in strategy and identity, moving the brand from a functional supplier to an aspirational partner.

Though well-established and respected, the brand was seen as a safe pair of hands: a supplier to choose for functional, cost-effective solutions rather than one architects, designers and specifiers should aspire to work with.

For 200 years, the Group’s innovations have enhanced and even saved lives. They’re a family of crafts and tradespeople. And they invented the modern, designer bathroom. Repositioning the group wasn’t so much about revolution. It was a matter of bringing together these threads – innovation, family and design.

Though made of many brands, the group needed a single narrative. Supported by a new visual and verbal identity, the positioning line ‘Together for Better’ achieves that by demonstrating the strength and value of collaboration.

Ideal Standard International have moved from supplier to premium partner – delivering collection after collection that continues to influence the shape of modern living.