Mitre Delta

Reminding audiences why Mitre is the first choice for players looking to raise their game, by relaunching a classic.

With a complicated product offering and confused brand, Mitre was losing its loyal customer base.

With Scriball we reached out to a very young pre-football audience. Now, it was time to speak to an older generation of players who’d grown up with Mitre.

We encouraged Mitre to reduce and reorder their product range, creating a clear definition between products for play, for training and for professionals.

Then, to share the new offer and mark their 200th birthday, we reissued the classic Mitre Delta range as Mitre Delta Max.

Speaking directly to the parents who’d grown up with Delta, the campaign began with a major launch event in London – leading to a spike in awareness at the start of the new season.

The professional, high-performance
ball then was used in EFL games for the 2018/19 season, and we used the halo effect, to draw customers to the lower and mid-range balls.