Mitre VR

Mitre’s technology enhances players’ abilities on the pitch. Now, our virtual product space gives the sports brand their own competitive advantage.

Using immersive technology, the space allows the salesforce to carry every Mitre product in the palm of their hand. Stockists – and even customers – can enter virtual reality, pick up any ball, see bite-sized tech information and choose the product that’s right for them. And all while being entertained with special-edition content, including music, film and exclusive character stories.  

Developed by Uniform’s immersive technology team, the virtual space is also a tool for Mitre’s R&D guys to explore groundbreaking ideas and designs. In the virtual space, teams see concepts realised instantly in 3D, even kick them down the pitch at Wembley – all without the need for time-consuming physical prototypes.

Immersive technology takes us to new worlds, and gives us superhuman abilities. With the VR showroom, we use the benefits of virtual reality to create a real commercial solution. For an innovative brand like Mitre, this feels like a natural step.”

Laurie Jones, Creative Director, Film and Immersive Technology