A new product range for Mitre, and a new way to win.

Mitre’s problem: giants like Nike and Adidas have a grip on the football market. From the young fans and grassroots players, to the highest level of the sport.

Our idea: connect with a newer, much younger audience. And take the conversation away from ‘faster, higher, stronger performance’. Back to the roots of the game.

We decided to engage 3-4 year olds who just want to play. Instead of targeting today’s players, we developed new products and campaigns that connected with the footballers of the future.

Footballs which could be coloured and customised and supported self expression. A family of characters our audience could identify with. A way to make positive memories, without the pressure of performance.

The product innovation and campaign put Mitre’s products back on the wishlists of a whole new generation. And it opened the door to a long-running collaboration with Disney, and those other heritage brands, Star Wars and Marvel.