By Tim Sharp

In today’s fast-moving world, time is precious. Mobile devices have become an integral part of daily life. Consumers have real-time access to unlimited amounts of information, even when they are on-the-go, and there is a round-the-clock stream of alerts and updates vying for attention. Dealing with distractions is one of the biggest challenges consumers face, and constant bombardment means many people simply tune a majority of the information out.

Attention is another scarce resource in the digital age. According to a study by Microsoft, the average person’s attention span is a mere eight seconds. Another report from Jampp indicates that the human attention span decreases by 88 percent each year. The combination of these factors limits brands’ ability to connect with their target audiences. Today’s marketing professionals must react to the new, discerning consumer to be successful.

Streamlining and enhancing the customer experience

With time at a premium, leading brands are rethinking their marketing strategies. They no longer assume that consumers are willing to give up a few minutes – or even a few seconds – to read an article or watch a video, no matter how creative and engaging the content is. A cumbersome or complicated experience practically guarantees that consumers will move on to the next bit of material that appears interesting or relevant to their needs.

If you want to make an impact with your content, there are two factors to consider. First, are you helping consumers save time? A sleek, streamlined customer experience is likely to attract and hold your audience’s attention. Examples include tools and features like Amazon Dash buttons, Apple Pay and Uber.

Next, are you creating content that is valuable enough to give customers a return on their investment of time? Brands that offer meaningful experiences by surprising and delighting their audience, personalising the experience and adapting to consumer needs are the ones that find success. For example, Patagonia has no trouble getting customers’ attention, thanks to their practice of going above and beyond by repairing clothes regardless of brand.

The bottom line is that earning your customers’ time and attention requires a carefully designed strategy. Your content must help them save time, in addition to convincing them to invest time in your message.

The power of peak moments

The digital marketplace is crowded. To be successful, brands must differentiate themselves and stand out from surrounding noise. Creating peak moments is crucial for distinguishing yourself from your competitors, and you have to combine these high-quality experiences with a commitment to make good use of customers’ time. Ensure there is no waste of priceless moments due to extraneous and unnecessary clicks, queues and calls.

In a digital environment, your strategic plan should be based on a holistic view of the customer experience. Customers are always connected and they can engage with brands and make purchases 24/7 through a vast array of channels. The consumer experience is no longer linear. It is multi-channel, multi-platform, and accessible from every corner of the globe.

Start the process of transforming your branding strategy by gaining a deep understanding of the behaviour and interests of your discerning consumers. Next, shape an experience that builds value for customers while simultaneously setting you apart from your competitors. Combine the use of advanced technology, creativity, and innovation to create consumer experiences that are authentic, differentiated and compelling.

Identifying your customers through traditional segmentation is becoming much harder. We believe the best way to reach your customer is by understanding their mindsets and thinking about how you can influence behavioural change through effective design. If you’d like to find out more about our approach and reach your discerning consumer, contact us at +44 151 709 9055.

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