By Ali Vermilio

Rugu is a prototype platform that puts content junkies at the heart of reviewing, injecting some much needed fun into the process.

What do Snapchat and Amazon have in common?

Not a lot. And therein lies a problem.

You see, some of us are the millennial crowd.

We judge in likes.

We date by swiping right.

And although our world is constantly in review,

The process of reviewing anything is anything but insta.

It’s clunky, time-consuming, and likely to be fake, so quite frankly, who can be funked?

Well, in our world of infinite choice, where decision-making is ever harder, 53% of millennials always or almost always read reviews before purchasing online but the top reviewers are aged 30 – 70.

What about a way to review that speaks our language?

Now that's a vibe.

Enter Rugu.

Rugu is a prototype platform that puts content junkies at the heart of reviewing, injecting some much needed fun into the process. It recognises beauty products with a quick snap, and allows users to record and share their experiences with the swipe of a shite. That’s right. By throwing a shit or heart emoji at a product, users offer an immediate impression in augmented reality. But you can go deeper too… filming experiences, leaving comments, taking photos, and even making memes.

With Rugu, consumers can connect whilst in-store, view whether products are prized or poop in an instant, and beauty brands can observe real reviews in an open space where users feel at ease to be open with each other – and where brands aren’t trying to own the conversation, they are learning to listen.

With 52% of Gen Yers in the US saying they trust influencers less than they used to, and 86% of marketers admitting they aren't sure how influencer fees are calculated, businesses and consumers alike are losing faith in the power of these individuals.
Canvas 8

It’s a welcome solution to a problem faced by brands as the influencer market becomes less credible and more contrived.

That’s not to say influencers now don’t have influence. User-generated images are still seven times more likely to be trusted than company-made ads, but with consumers savvy to brands influencing the influencers, now’s the time to take a step back. Rugu can become like the ladies bathroom; a go-to place, full of gossip, all the honesty, all the love, and some of the shit too…

And that’s not for every beauty brand, but it is for the brave. The ones who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable, to be criticised, to learn and to be real. To walk the walk and be authentically who they are. This is for the beauty brands who aren’t trying to conceal their spots. Those are the ones that will thrive in the future.

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