By Joanna Rowlands

Sick of hearing about Millennials?

Well according to a recent report by our research partners Canvas8 we have a new consumer group to contend with.

The generation of kids born after 2010, Generation Alpha, are being shaped by technology, are already culturally and globally connected and will live and work longer than any previous generation. 

So, how is their behaviour going to shape the brands of the future?

Interestingly Generation Alphas are already influential consumers. Partly because of their media consumption, but also because of the relationship with their Millennial parents, who reportedly value raising successful children over living up to their own potential.

Alphas are more likely to be more clued up on technology than their parents by the time they are eight years old. But they are balanced about their use of it and research suggests that this generation still loves to play outside and get stuck into more traditional activities such as climbing trees and building things. While it’s true that attention spans are getting shorter in our children, their native use of tech is developing other worthwhile skills such as problem-solving and multi-tasking.

And Alphas already have highly developed bullshit radars and are able to spot fake news. Their view of the world is more inclusive than previous generations and they expect brands to reflect their views on gender diversity. They also feel passionate about issues such as the environment and are already activists.

Alphas’ consumer behaviour is already felt through their parents, who dote on them, and as they grow into adults it’s likely they will become the most demanding customers and employees yet. Brands risk getting left behind if they don’t align to the values of the Alpha progressive view of the world.

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