By Richard Pay

Uniform isn’t creative enough, and neither are you.
The moment we think we are, things start to stagnate.

Yep, I admit it. Uniform isn’t creative enough.
Like all agencies, we make assumptions.

A brief should do this.
Our process
should work like that.
A brand
should be made up of these parts.

These ‘shoulds’ lead to lazy thinking. Bad habits. Boring solutions.
They force us to regurgitate approaches, methods and outputs.
But there has never been more potential to solve our clients’ problems creatively.

Why would we rely on tried and tested methods?
Why would we look to our industry for answers when it only serves to reinforce?
Why would we try to fit in when, in order to survive, we need to stand out?

We have to break this habit.
Should needs to become

What could a brief do?
could our process work?
could a brand be?

‘Could’ moves us away from accepted definitions.
It opens up personal interpretation.
It turns assumption into possibility.
And it leads us to more strategic thinking.

How could we understand our audience better?
could we make more impact?
could we add more value?

I know you’ve heard this kind of thing before.
But we – you and I – need to be reminded.

Uniform isn’t creative enough, and neither are you.
The moment we think we are, things start to stagnate.
We need to constantly challenge ourselves to deliver something new, something better.
We need to push creativity further, use technology in new ways and embrace new behaviours.

To prove this is not just another hollow opinion piece, over the coming months Uniform will be looking at what happens when we move from should to could.

We’ll be challenging ourselves to imagine what a no normal approach could look like. And we’ll be answering questions like how could we demand attention from an audience who, according to studies, are exposed to 10,000 messages a day? How could a shared thinking environment offer more? How could there be no end to a brand experience?

We’ll be defining and inventing the future of creativity, as we see it.
And we’ll be documenting everything.

All of our assumptions are going in the bin.


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Blog by @RichardTPay Images by @JonathanFormento and Harry Cook

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